About Us

Welcome to Sarina Russo Recruitment

We are not JUST a Recruitment Consultancy!  We are career planners and enhancers, business partners and advisors!

We live by the motto “enhancing lives, energising people.”

Established in 2000, Sarina Russo Recruitment is part of the Sarina Russo Group (SRG) who has over 34 years’ experience enhancing people’s careers.  As a generalist consultancy, Sarina Russo Recruitment is well versed in providing recruitment outcomes from entry level opportunities right through to senior executive placements.

Our solutions are delivered by a team of professionals with vast experience across a range of industry and market sectors.  The success of Sarina Russo Recruitment’s delivery is our commitment to the provision of:

  • Our well tested and rigorous recruitment methodology in alignment with
    RCSA Industry Standards
  • Our customer first and candidate care focus
  • An established, extensive, flexible and integrated technology system
  • Quality assured processes supported by a robust Quality Management System
  • Local networks with national knowledge and experience

Careers Opening opportunities and developing pathways through empowerment

Talent Capturing potential through tailored partnering

Workforce Enhancing business through innovative consulting